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Opti-GroTM Bio-TurfTM PRO  
Turf biostimulant 0-0-3
Helps turn up the color in turf, shrubs and ornamentals

Opti-GroTM Bio-TurfTM PRO promotes more vigorous, longer lasting turf under high-stress conditions such as maintenance, disease, insect infestation, wear and drought conditions..  Increases micronutrient uptake in most applications to aid in more vibrant growth.  Regular use may help create an optimal soil environment that may enhance appearance and performance.  It may help increase germination and ensure quicker establishment of turf. Bio-Turf PRO can be used on all different turf grass, shrubs and ornamentals

APPLICATIONS:  Recommended for use on all turf grasses, ornamentals, shrubs and athletic turfs during the growing season in conjuction with fertility applications.  Bio-Turf PRO is not currently available for sale in Kentucky and Wisconsin.


For best results, read product labels for complete directions and precautions before using any product.

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