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Cold galvanizing aerosol
Easy-to-apply coating guards against rust and corrosion on metal surfaces

Galva-Tek is an aerosol zinc coating that protects metal surfaces from corrosion.  Stops rusting and is easily applied to all metal surfaces.  Galva-Tek is to be sprayed on a clean, dry metal surface and dries to the touch in 15 to 30 minutes.  Ideal for use on all metals for the prevention of rust and corrosion.

APPLICATIONS: Recommended for use on air conditioning systems and fans, buses, cars, equipment, farm machinery, fences, fixtures, garden furniture, gutters, metal roofs and buildings, piping, steel windows, sumps, swamp coolers, tools, sheet metal and welds, trailers, trash compactors, and trucks


For best results, read product labels for complete directions and precautions before using any product.

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